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       Life Care Planner     Legal Nurse Consultant 

Carol Janse, CEO of Janse Consulting, is a Nurse Life Care Planner and Legal Nurse Consultant serving clients in California and throughout the Country.  Her areas of expertise are: Spinal Cord, Traumatic Brain and Multiple Trauma Injuries, CRPS/ RSD, Personal Injury/Falls, MVAs, Amputation and Psychiatric Disorders including : long term acute care Gerio-Psych, Developmentally Disabled/Cerebral Palsy and sensitive issues such as Elder Abuse.  Ms. Janse provides expert testimony supporting plaintiff or defense counsel.

Carol has 25 years of clinical and administrative hospital experience. She is masters prepared with an MPH, specializing in Health Education and Program Planning.  She has a strong foundation in research  which supports her judgment and ability to serve the needs of her clients.  Her goal is to provide every client with a thorough and diligent case review or detailed cost analysis supported by evidence based medicine and data research. 

Nurse Life Care Planner:

  • Collects subjective and objective data during a comprehensive home visit.
  • Writes a plan for catastrophic injuries-lifetime needs & goods.
  • Prepares a plan for any injury and for any duration.
  • Consults with members of the medical team for on-going care.
  • Performs comprehensive research that fosters a strong foundation for a detailed life care plan.

Legal Nurse Consultant:

  • Reviews medical records for case merit.
  • Expert witnessing to support breaches in standards of care.
  • Report preparation summarizing medical records & chronology of events.

A Life Care Planner develops a detailed report of future medical and non-medical related requirements & costs for an individual suffering from a catastrophic injury which might include: Burns, Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injuries/Strokes, Cerebral Palsy, CRPS/RSD and Amputation.

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A legal nurse consultant assists attorneys by reviewing medical records identifying deviations in standards of care and tampering of records.  LNCs function under the Scope of Practice governed by the Board of Registered Nurses. They are able to assimilate voluminous medical records, research issues and synthesize information into a concise report. 

" I will travel nationwide to assess your client ! "

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