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Certified Legal Nurse Consultants provide the following services to attorneys:

	Medical Record Analysis
         o	Identify, locate, review and interpret relevant medical records, hospital policies 
                      and  procedures, other documents and tangible items.  
         o	Organize, tab and paginate medical records for easy reference. 
         o	Prepare chronologies of the medical events involved in a case. 
         o	Summarize, translate and interpret medical records. 
         o	Identify issues of tampering with the medical records. 
         o          Screen medical malpractice cases for merit. 
         o	Identify, locate, summarize and interpret applicable standards of care. 
         o	Identify adherences to and deviations from these standards. 
         o	Identify causation issues, assess damages/injuries and identify contributing factors. 
         o	Identify and recommend potential defendants. 
         o	Develop written reports for the attorney's use as study tools. 
Case Support
         o	Search and summarize medical and nursing literature and integrate search results into
                      case analysis. 
         o	Analyze the validity of research studies relied on by all parties.        
         o         Update and expand the attorney's medical library. 
               Medical Liaison
         o	Interview plaintiff and defense clients, key witnesses and experts. 
         o	Consult with healthcare providers. 
         o	Attend and report on independent medical examinations (IMEs). 
         o	Meet with other consultants and service providers on the attorney's behalf. 
Expert Testimony and Witness Preparation
         o	Identify types of testifying experts needed for the case. 
         o	Locate and communicate with appropriate expert witnesses for deposition and trial. 
         o	 Analyze potential experts' reports and other work product. 
         o	Help prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial. 
         o	Serve as an expert witness and testify to the nursing standard of care. 
Discovery and Court Preparation
         o	Prepare questions for deposition or trial examination (direct or cross). 
         o	Prepare interrogatories and requests for production. 
         o	Review and draft responses to various legal documents and correspondenc for the
                     attorney's signature. 
         o         Analyze and summarize depositions and past testimony. 
         o	Assist with exhibit preparation and other demonstrative evidence. 
         o	 Attend courtroom proceedings when relevant. 
         o	Coordinate and assist with facilitating focus groups and mock trials. 
         o	Assist in resolution of cases through alternative dispute resolution, such as 
                     arbitration and mediation. 

         Additionally, every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant may offer services unique to 
        their individual nursing background and expertise.


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