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“I called Carol to prepare a Life Care Plan requiring prompt service and service reflective of knowledge in Spinal Cord Injuries.  Carol’s professional report, cost analysis and home visit to assess the client gave us a favorable settlement.  Our client will now have the care that he deserves thanks to Carol’s sincere and positive approach she brings to her cases.”

P. Paul Aghabala, Esq.                                                            Woodland Hills, California 2007
I wanted to thank you for a fantastic network you have developed with nurses across the country.  I enjoy your emails & find them to be inspirational – thank you.  In 2008, the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP) is celebrating a decade of Empowering Nurse Life Care Planners.  AANLCP believes you have captured the essence of empowering Nurse Life Care Planners through your email forum.  Many thanks & God bless!

Shelene Giles
Nurse Life Care Planner
AANLCP President  (2008) 
Hendersonville, NC 28793


“Elder abuse is a delicate issue and clients who have suffered this type of injury require a sensitive and knowledgeable professional.  Our law firm appreciates Carol’s assistance.  Her extensive research through the many volumes of State and Federal regulations governing Standards of Care for Long Term Care Facilities was invaluable.   The law firm of Berc & Associates recommends Carol’s expert services and commends her comprehension of the intricate nature of the varied types of Elder abuse.”

Berc Agopoglu, Esq.                                                                                     Los Angeles, Ca.   2008


It has been my pleasure working with Carol in arranging life care planning.  She is a team player and extremely cooperative with all those that crosses her path.  We consider her talents and services both ethical and beneficial.  It has been and remains an honor to work with her.”
David Patterson, MD  Medical Director                                                         Casa Colina Rehabilitation Centers                                                             Pomona, California 2008


“Carol strives to ensure that her clients receive the highest quality of care.  It is a pleasure working with someone who shows respect and compassion in a positive and hopeful manner.  Health care advocates rely on individuals who have the ability to provide hope.  Carol has earned our confidence and respect.  I look forward to our ongoing working relationship within the medical team.  My best to Carol!”

John G. Gross, MD
USC – Diplomat American Board of Plastic Surgery
Glendale, California


"I recently worked with Carol on a very complex case.  Her excellent reports and preparation of a difficult detailed life care plan reflect her willingness to work within the medical team and within her scope of practice.  She brings years of nursing experience and has great respect for the profession of medicine and all health care professionals.  I highly recommend her services.  I look forward to working with Carol as she is positive, enthusiastic and caring."

Steven Richeimer, MD
USC Pain Management Center
Los Angeles, California      2008


Carol responded at the opportunity to provide our law firm with immediate service in generating a life care plan.  Due to Carol’s prompt comeback, we were able to settle the case in a timely manner.  Our law firm will continue to call upon Carol because she is very knowledgeable and responds well to our clients needs.  When she says satisfaction guaranteed, “She means it”.  

Dave Belz, Esq.
Capistrano, California 2008


“Carol treats each case as unique and special because in her 25 years of experience she has found that every client deserves individualized care and consideration.  She approaches each case with professionalism and sensitivity.  I highly recommend Carol and her services.  Ms. Janse treated my client as if it were her only case. “

Barry Smith, Esq.
Monterey Park, CA.
December 2009


Thank you Carol, for your kind words, but certainly I would not have been able to resolve this case without your relentless approach in addressing the client's medical needs. I also felt more comfortable that you were at the mediation to answer questionsI truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to represent this wonderful and courageous woman...never underestimate the courage of a woman.

I will miss our great conversations, but please remember not only do you have a happy have a friend. Anytime I can refer anyone to you, please know I will do my best to convince them that you are the right person for the job.

Raul G. Lomas, Esq.
Law Offices of Raul G. Lomas

234 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 620
Pasadena, Ca. 91101
(626) 792-9666              


Carol enthusiastically pursued her case assignment with respect and dignity for my client’s needs. I observed how she cheerfully interacts with people on a very personable level. The case had several distinctive components which made it unique. I enjoyed working with Carol. She combines professionalism with diligence, good humor, and timeliness.

John D. Speciale, Esq.
Divorce and Family Law
Woodland Hill, California 2013



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